Our Story

Aloha! Hualalai Estate Coffee - (pronounced "who ala lie"), named after the mountain on which Kona coffee grows - started as a hobby of mine in 1996 on several acres of land. Through contacts I made as a teacher in Hawaii for 31 years, I was able to get my coffee into the souvenir section of the Kona Walmart while still teaching full time.

As Hualalai Estate Coffee became increasingly popular in the Kona Walmart, other stores began requesting to carry my coffee. Soon, the coffee produced on my 2-acre farm could not keep up with demand and I began researching the quality of coffee from other farms.

Because I had most of these farmers or their family in my class and already had a rapport with them, and because they know and respect that I am trying to create the best coffee available, I am able to select the best of what they have to offer. Currently, we source coffee from hundreds of acres across multiple farms. This allows me to consistently create a superb product every year by not being stuck with a percentage of mediocre crop from bad years as farms who only sell their own coffees or large pubicly-traded companies requiring an enormous amount of Kona Coffee are forced to do.

It is a win-win situation as our farmers who don't want to spend time marketing their own coffee can focus on growing the best coffee possible and I do my best to maintain those superior qualities through the processing, roasting, and packaging process so I can offer the best possible coffee to you.  We hope you enjoy your Hualalai Estate Coffee.  


Joel Cooperson